6 Critical Problems with Current Portfolio Trackers & How Dexfolio Solves Them

So what are the problems?

1. Not made for DEXes

  1. Riddled with bugs due to the outdated foundational code that’s used to track CEXes.
  2. They may be able to successfully sync Ethereum transactions, but they’re too backlogged with other road-map items to support up-and-coming networks like Binance Smart Chain.
Adding Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

2. Tedious alert system

  1. You need to set alerts one by one. When you’re buying new coins daily, it’s extra homework to set a price target for each new coin. And guess what you need to do when the coin breaks past that price alert. Yup… set another one.
  2. Unless you’re doing advanced technical analysis, you don’t really know or care about target price. What you care about is percentage change from your entry price. If you want to create an investment strategy and stick to it, you’re most likely taking profits when the token multiplies by whatever number you decided.
Intelligent Alerts

3. Not mobile friendly

4. Unintuitive and ugly design

Clean design

5. Charging Fiat to get premium features

6. Not focused on the core portfolio experience

Customization Engine




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