Dexfolio App — Dev Update #2

We are getting ever so close to our beta! Great news: We’re still on schedule for a Q2 release!

In our effort to keep the community involved as much as possible, we’ve put together another dev update!

Here’s a demo of the working Dexfolio app:

What have we added since last dev update?

  • BSC support
  • Ability to add multiple addresses
  • Average cost logic
  • Blockchain API integration
  • Alert notification architecture
  • Overhauled backend architecture

As a reminder, this is what we accomplished for the first dev update:

  • Backend architecture
  • Address validation
  • App front end, UI components, and animations
  • ETH price integration with
  • Instant address loading
  • Ethereum network support
  • Community founder drawer (keep an eye out for a form to provide your name and profile picture!)
  • Instant push notification framework

To Do

Portfolio Data

We want to add more useful data to the portfolio page for each token!

Current data displayed:

  • Token ticker (top left)
  • Balance (bottom left)
  • Position value (top right)
  • Live token price (bottom right)

While this is good for a quick glance of information, it doesn’t leverage the massive amount of data we’re pulling in from the backend! Token name, average cost, change in price, change from average cost!

We want to show the following:

  • Token Name, Balance,Token ticker (top left)
  • Average cost -> Live token price (bottom left)
  • Position value (top right)
  • $ change, % change

Bugs and User Experience

As with any software development project, there are always bugs. We want to make sure the app’s user experience is pleasant enough to retain users. We’re putting in a lot of effort to polish the app so it has a foundation we can continue building on for the long run!

What’s Next?

Look forward to an official announcement with the API we’re partnering with to bring the blockchain data to the Dexfolio App! They are hands down the best API available — great tech + incredible team!

Launchpad to be finalized. More details to follow!



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Dexfolio | $DEXF |

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