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The full package: Utility, staking, and governance

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4 min readFeb 26, 2021


We’re super excited to share Dexfolio’s robust and comprehensive token economy! We’ve been working with a leading tokenomics advisor to create a token economy that will facilitate growth and stability in our platform.

First things first: What’s the Token?

Dexfolio — ticker symbol DEXF—is the token that powers the Dexfolio platform.

What’s Dexfolio?

The Dexfolio ecosystem is launching with a core service: A mobile first multi-DEX tracker with an intelligent alert system. For a deep dive all about the app’s features, read our previous article.

As we build out our team and grow, we’ll be adding more crypto services to the Dexfolio app—such as an integrated coin search, watchlist, multi-DEX aggregator, liquidity tracking, tax calculations, advanced trade stats, and much much more.

Tokenomics Overview

  • Total supply: 200M DEXF
  • Initial Supply: 40M DEXF
  • IDO Price: $0.012 = 1 DEXF
  • List Price: $0.014 = 1 DEXF

What’s DEXF used for?

We thought long and hard about the purpose of DEXF. Just a governance token would not offer real token value. A token needs to have utility — an actual use other than just governance to be valuable.

So with that being said, DEXF has 3 main uses:

  • To gain access to pro features on the app—the token utility
  • To participate in staking rewards
  • As governance for the DAO


Available at app launch. Users will need to send 1K DEXF (the amount will be adjusted to reflect the price of DEXF) to a provided address, which will whitelist their address for one month and give them access to pro features.

100% of the tokens sent to the address will be permanently burned!

This subscription system will decrease the total supply of DEXF, making it deflationary. While DEXF is slightly inflationary because of locked tokens being released, we expect token burning through pro subscriptions to outpace the inflation over time.


You will have two options for staking your DEXF:

  1. DEXF-BNB LP Staking: Platform is in development now! Planned to be released when DEXF is listed on Pancake Swap!
  2. DEXF Staking: Coming Q4 2021. Stake your DEXF in the app and receive DEXF plus other benefits


Coming Q3 2021. DEXF holders will be able to vote on the following but not limited to:

  • New platform initiatives
  • Community proposals
  • Team proposals
  • Releasing locked funds

The goal is to allow DEXF hodlers to make key decisions that move the platform forward. This is why staking rewards is tied to your governance power—the more voting power you have, the more incentivized you are to enact proposals that improve the platform.

Initial Token Allocation

40M tokens (20% of the total supply) are in the initial allocation and will be fully unlocked at token creation.

Public Sale (IDO) — 20M DEXF, 50% of initial supply

These will be sold through a public presale launchpad.

Vesting: 20% distributed at listing, then 20% weekly

Exchange Liquidity — 13M DEXF, 32.5% of initial supply

These tokens will be used to provide the DEXF tokens for the initial DEX listing.

Private Presale — 7M DEXF, 17.5% of initial supply

These tokens are allocated to multiple private sale rounds preceding the IDO.

Vesting: 20% distributed at listing, then 20% weekly

Total Token Allocation & Release Schedule

There’s 200M total tokens, including the 40M from the initial supply. 80% of these tokens will be locked at token creation and have a set release schedule.

Staking & Platform Rewards — 68M DEXF, 34% of total supply

These tokens will be earned by users that participate in activities that reward tokens, such as staking, referring friends, being a pro member, etc.

Release schedule: LP Staking will be available at listing with the following release schedule: 0.1% of staking pool distributed each day (total 68M DEXF in pool) between all stakers (68,000 DEXF distributed on day 1, 67,932 DEXF distributed on day 2, etc)

Locked Treasury—62M DEXF, 36% of total supply

Used for the following but not limited to:

  • Ongoing operational costs
  • New initiatives
  • Private funding rounds

Release schedule: 10 year linear release starting from app launch.

Initial Allocation — 40M DEXF, 20% of total supply

These tokens are used for the initial token release. See the full details above in the “Initial Allocation” section. Release schedule: Fully unlocked at token creation

Team — 20M DEXF, 10% of total supply

For the founding and cofounding members that helped launch Dexfolio and DEXF. Release schedule: 2 year linear release starting from app launch.

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*Disclaimer: Due to the fast-paced nature of crypto, the timelines and exact numbers in this article may change.



Dexfolio | $DEXF |

A multi-DEX tracker with an intelligent alert system. $DEXF, our native token runs on Binance Smart Chain and is used for governance and pro features.