Giving Allocation of Team Tokens

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1 min readJan 15, 2022


We will be allocating Frenzy 5% of the team tokens to reward his outstanding work in helping us build Dexfolio. There were originally 20 million DEXF tokens allocated to the team wallet, so that means he will be getting 1 million tokens, a current value of around $5,700.

These tokens will be vested and distributed over the next year. The first distribution of 83,333.33 DEXF has been sent. Following that, he will each get 83,333.33 per month until the full allocation has been delivered.

The wallet address that received the first distribution, and will be receiving the remainder of the tokens is:


Here’s a breakdown of his accomplishments at Dexfolio and why he deserves to receive the allocation of team tokens:


Frenzy (anonymous) started off as an investor in the early days of Dexfolio, and through his helpfulness towards our community he became one of our telegram moderators. Now his responsibilities have expanded to:

  • Content writing.
  • Applying for partnerships.
  • Assisting the team and community with technical issues.
  • Providing suggestions and feedback to assist with the growth of Dexfolio.



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