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Mar 14, 2021

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How to Participate in the DEXF Private Sale (if you’re whitelisted)

Note: You can only participate in the private sale if you’ve been whitelisted. If you think you should have been whitelisted or have any questions, ask us in

We won’t whitelist anyone until Mar 14, 10pm UTC

First, some important details:

  • Website to participate:
  • Time to participate: If you confirmed through email, you keep your whitelist spot for 9 hours (until Mar 15, 7am UTC). After that, we will whitelist new addresses to participate
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Private Sale Price: 1 DEXF = 0.009 USDC
  • Hardcap per address: 250 USDC
  • Participants: 72
  • DEXF in private sale: 2,000,000 DEXF
  • Circulating supply: 40,000,000 DEXF
  • Total supply: 200,000,000 DEXF

Step 1

Make sure you have a wallet. You can use metamask or trustwallet

Step 2

Make sure you’ve added the BSC network to your wallet

If you haven’t follow this guide:

Step 3

Make sure you have 0.004 BNB in your wallet to pay for gas fees

You can buy BNB the following ways:

  1. Pancake Swap — use if you already have tokens in your BSC wallet and can swap those to BNB
  2. Binance Bridge—swap tokens from your ETH wallet to your BSC wallet
  3. Binance Exchange — purchase BNB with fiat or crypto and send it to your BSC wallet

Step 4

Make sure you have up to 250 USDC in your wallet to purchase DEXF

You can buy USDC on Pancake Swap:

Note: if you need to buy USDC, you need another 0.002 BNB for fees (so in total 0.006 BNB)

Step 5

Purchase DEXF

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet in the top right of the page (you can use trust wallet, but it will show the metamask logo)
  3. Enter the amount of USDC you want to spend (up to $250).
  4. Click “Approve” (if it’s still disabled, re-enter the amount you want to spend)
  5. Once approved, click “Deposit”

Warning: If you try to spend more than 250 USDC split up between multiple transactions (i.e. 200 USDC then another 200 USDC), the transaction breaching the hardcap will have a gas fee of 0.285 BNB. If you see that, reject the transaction and make sure to spend less than the hardcap. If you approve it, your transaction won’t go through, but you may not get back the gas fee.

And you’re done!

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