My Real Identity & Why I Built Dexfolio

Let me introduce myself.

I am Ben Sash (formerly anonymous as Bishop Benemos), the CEO and founder of Dexfolio. I arrived in the crypto space in 2017 as an investor, and by pairing my understanding of crypto with my previous background in entrepreneurship, leadership, and product design, I came up with the idea of creating Dexfolio. Since starting the project I have built up a rockstar team which has allowed me to take Dexfolio to the next level.

Many people think we built Dexfolio to help crypto traders track their investments more conveniently — but that’s not the full reason.

We built Dexfolio because we have a vision to change the crypto industry, like Tesla transformed the car industry. We are starting small with building the best crypto tracker, but our goals reach much further than that.

Why I Started the Project Anonymously

As Dexfolio has grown, we’ve realized the importance of building a strong community. I believe it’s time to reveal my true identity to truly embrace the Dexfolio community and allow this project to flourish past just a simple crypto tracker.

Why We Built Dexfolio

We built Dexfolio when we realized that the most difficult part of managing a crypto portfolio is the multitude of wallets we use, and keeping track of the masses of tokens that we are invested in. We developed several features that let us rise above other DEX trackers and offer an application that is built with its users in mind.

The alerts. With Dexfolio you get intelligent alerts that actually mean something. No more alert spam cluttering your notifications. We send you priority details to help you get the best out of your investments and guide you in maintaining a healthy wallet.

Wallet and chain limitations. Wouldn’t you love to have all of your wallets from any chain available in one place? Dexfolio solves that. As many wallets as you want, across multiple chains, all in one place! Allowing only one wallet to be added at a time makes it impossible for any security conscious investor to keep track of their vast collection of wallets. Plus, having a separate application for each chain makes keeping up with your investments a nightmare.

The styling. At Dexfolio, we have designed an application that looks as sleek and professional as your portfolio deserves. No longer will we have to look at the appalling UX and UI of other trackers.

Community driven. We understand the importance of a community driven project. Which is the exact reason that we implemented community votes to control all our major decisions. This involved building an entire governance dApp, allowing the community to put forward and vote on proposals.

This allowed us to create the best tracker for DEX’s ever!


A: Yes, I told the community I was anonymous in AMAs and made sure it was common knowledge

Q: Did I use another person’s picture while anonymous as Bishop Benemos?

No, the image I used was AI generated.

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