Partnering With EarlyBird for Growth

Dexfolio + EarlyBird

We have partnered up with EarlyBird to further increase the growth of our platform!

EarlyBird are a yield farming/staking platform. Whereas most tokens specify the reward token you will receive, EarlyBird takes a different approach and allows you withdraw your rewards from a large list of different projects. By engaging and listing early crypto projects within their yield farm, EarlyBird seeks to drive organic growth in their own token whilst also benefiting the communities that are involved within their platform.

This partnership will provide a number of benefits for both Dexfolio and our community. Being listed on the EarlyBird platform will help increase the exposure of the Dexfolio platform to other communities, as well as providing our community a way in which they can passively earn more DEXF!

Just by holding EarlyBird you will receive dividends, these dividends can now be redeemed as DEXF! On top of this, you can stake your EarlyBird Tokens to receive additional rewards based on the staking period:

3 Days — 25% Bonus
7 Days — 50% Bonus
15 Days — 75% Bonus
30 Days — 100% Bonus

To start, our partnership will be comprised of EarlyBird offering DEXF as a method of claiming your rewards on their platform. In return Dexfolio will inform our community about EarlyBird’s project via our social platforms.

EarlyBird Links:

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