Summary: AMA with One Button Trader

  • One Button Trader is a crypto automated trading software.
  • Roman — Head of Marketing
  • Worked as a marketing strategist and created marketing tactics/strategies for dozens of companies, some of them have a turnover of millions per year, like Dynamic Language, Avalon, and INATBA.
  • Sets the direction of the company’s marketing activities, in particular, supervises other marketers, and outlines the strategy in close conjunction with the founders.
  • OBT — “we create easy-to-use and effective trading tools powered by smart technology”
  • Crypto trading app that does fully automatic asset management with the help of next-gen trading AI.
  • Built for CEXs like Binance, Kraken, and Bitvavo.
  • Launched in November 2020, 100,000 trades in total and averaging 7% profit per month.
  • Trading AI are trained using the concept of Neural Networks and Evolutionary Strategies.
  • Neural networks (currently) are a form of narrow AI, which means that it’s able to learn as specific tasks designed by a human.
  • OB Trader AI performs market scans — retrieving new market data — every 1 and 4 hours with the new candlestick on the chosen market pair. Based on the latest data and detected price patterns, AI defines if it’s a BUY, SELL, or HOLD.
  • One Button Trader is superior over its competitors because of a few simple things: Effectiveness, Transparency and Simplicity.
  • OB Trader is the first public automated trading tool that uses only AI for decision-making. OB Trader is an AI that actually trades for you.
  • The primary use case of the OB token is on the One Button Trader online platform itself. Many of the existing product features are closely tied to token usage.
  • Mainly, we aim to use tokens as “fuel” for our AI which will remove the need for FIAT-based subscription models. It will allow us to charge a small amount of token for each trade the AI takes (similar to a cryptocurrency exchange).
  • Total supply of $OBT is only 10,000,000.
  • How to get started with One Button Ai bots:
  • Burn mechanism into the trading fees to slowly deflate the market cap.
  • Discretionary token burns for achieving specific milestone



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