Summary: AMA with One Button Trader

Summary of One Button AMA hosted by Dexfolio on April 19th, 2022:

  • One Button Trader is a crypto automated trading software.

Step 1: Connect a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (Binance/Kraken).

Step 2: Choose one of our AI trading strategies.

Step 3: Choose a market pair (you can see a list of recommended market pairs).

Step 4: Set a position size for AI to trade with (we currently use USDT, BUSD and EUR based markets).

  • Burn mechanism into the trading fees to slowly deflate the market cap.

One Button links:

Lifetime deal:;

Transcript of the AMA
Hello everyone, welcome to our AMA today with One Button!

One Button Trader is a crypto automated trading software. Today we’re going to be learning more about their project.

Hey guys! Nice to meet all of you.

Nice to have you here, Roman!

Welcome to Dexfolio chat! We’re happy to have you here! Please Introduce yourself and tell us about your background. Also, tell us, what do you do for One Button? 🙂

Thanks guys!

Sure. My name is Roman, I am Head of Marketing.

Some words about my background. Before I started to work with OB on a full time basis, I worked as a marketing strategist and created marketing tactics/strategies for dozens of companies, some of them have a turnover of millions per year, like Dynamic Language, Avalon, INATBA, etc.

Earlier I worked as Head of Marketing in Ubix network, a company with almost 10+ mln $ market cap.

As a Marketing Head, I set the direction of the company’s marketing activities, in particular, supervise other marketers, outline the strategy in close conjunction with the founders, etc.

Will be glad to answer your questions!

Great intro! Going by this introduction I can tell you’re quite experienced with marketing and strategy. We’re excited to learn more about One Button!

Thank you!

To get us started, can you tell us what One Button is all about? We want to have a general knowledge of the project.

If I need to explain what we do in OB in one sentence, it would be “we create easy-to-use and effective trading tools powered by smart technology”.

One Button Trader ( is a crypto trading app that does fully automatic asset management with the help of next-gen trading AI. The platform aims to minimize the complexity of manual trading and substitute emotions in trading with smart technology that takes calculated decisions and risks based on market trends and data.

At its core, the platform is built on top of existing centralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Kraken, and Bitvavo. By doing so your funds are always safe in your wallet and you only allow our bots to trade with a specific balance from it.

Launched in November 2020, the app was open for signups, and we were actively testing the trading strategies. As a result — 100 000 trades in total, about 7% average profit per month.

If you wish to check our socials and look around, feel free to join our Discord — Our main party is there!

So One Button Trader bots work with the most popular exchanges and can help crypto users with trading with just a click after setting it up?

What other exchanges does One button trader support besides the ones you mentioned?

That’s right! Simple and clear as it sounds :)

Also, Bitpanda and Binance US.

More to come!

Great to hear! So with one button crypto traders don’t have to stress themselves with manual trading, the smart AI bots will do all the work!

And it’s safe and secure. Nice!

I read quite a lot about One Button the last few days and I’m impressed with the uniqueness of the One Trader AI bots. I’m curious to know (I’m sure our audience is too), what is the technology behind OB Trader?

The backbone of our technology is AI and Machine Learning.

But there is much confusion behind the terminology of AI in the trading and crypto space. Some online platforms use the word AI when they talk about smart recommendations. You see the words “recommended strategy,” “suggested position size” — the so-called “AI” just creates a personalized experience for existing features and trading strategies. But it’s not the actual trading AI.

Our trading AI is trained using the concept of Neural Networks and Evolutionary Strategies.

Neural networks (currently) are a form of narrow AI, which means that it’s able to learn as specific tasks designed by a human. In theory, any system of non-linear (differentiable) functions could be a neural network, although generally, they adjust scalars, vectors, and tensors as parameters, in order to fulfill the task.

OB Trader AI performs market scans — retrieving new market data — every 1 and 4 hours with the new candlestick on the chosen market pair. Based on the latest data and detected price patterns, AI defines if it’s a BUY, SELL, or HOLD.

After that, AI calculates the confidence threshold — range from 0–100, which includes factors like the amount of risk and the expected change in the market. Then the AI uses the confidence threshold value to define the amount to buy or sell.

Yeap, this is a short version 😁 If you want to know more, feel free to join our Discord —

Key note: the one button trader is the first public automated trading tool that uses only AI for decision-making.

* it’s able to learn specific tasks designed by a human…

With all that technology in the Bots I can imagine how smart they’d be. It’s interesting to try and see how this bots actually works!

So like he said, guys if you want to find out more about this wonderful technology feel free to join their Discord :)

Next question

There is a good number of trading bot services within the space and as such standing out of the competition takes a lot of hardwork and vision, so can you tell us, what is One Button’s advantage over its competitors?

There is a highly negative connotation about automation (especially AI-powered ones) in trading since the tools up until now have been either complete scams or highly ineffective. We are currently on the rise of retail automated trading tools and I believe they are here to stay.

What we believe One Button Trader is superior over its competitors are a few simple things — effectiveness, transparency, and simplicity. We aim to capture the chaos in the cryptocurrency markets and earn a great return on investment for our users while actually providing them with the functionalities they need in order to make the best of their automated trading experience.

Currently, there are not many platforms that actually combine all of those characteristics. Many of our current users come from our competitors’ platforms, so I believe we manage to actually keep our vision.

So, yeah, there is very little where AI is used as an underlying mechanism for trading (executing trades and placing orders). Most trading solutions use technical indicators (like Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, etc.) and their different combinations to make a trading strategy. But all these strategies are based on mathematics and formulas — not something you can call an AI.

OB Trader is the first public automated trading tool that uses only AI for decision-making. OB Trader is an AI that actually trades for you.

Don’t forget to join our Discord —

Effectiveness, transparency, and simplicity are the key words. Thanks for sharing.

To the next question:

What is the cost of getting a One Button Trader Ai bot?

The answer to this question is related to the main change that our company has experienced this month. We became invite-only! But you still have chances to join our rocket — an exclusive offer to the Dexfolio community.

After reviewing the data for the last 2 years, we see that our software actually works better than the market in terms of risk management and optimizing portfolio. Now it’s a statistically proven fact — it outperforms the market.

So we decided to close the platform for new registrations.

But if you are interested in growing your crypto, we now offer a special deal of Lifetime Access (expired in a couple of days).

More details in our post:

Link to the lifetime deal page:

There you have it, guys your opportunity to join the One Button trader rocket! You can check it out for yourself and see the magic :)

Final question before we open the chat for questions from our audience,

I want to know, where can I buy the OBT token if I want to buy it? Also what is the use case of the OB Token?

OBT tokens allow much more seamless integration of the services and offer a substantial amount of utility to the token holders and One Button Trader users.

The primary use case is on the One Button Trader online platform itself. Many of the existing product features are closely tied to token usage creating a clockwork-like token-driven product ecosystem.

Mainly, we aim to use tokens as “fuel” for our AI which will remove the need for FIAT-based subscription models. It will allow us to charge a small amount of token for each trade the AI takes (similar to a cryptocurrency exchange). Also — reward our users when they refer new users to the platform.

You can buy it on Pancakeswap —, or if you prefer more centralized options, on Coinstore —

Worth mentioning — our total supply is only 10 000 000. Please check this page for more info —

Our CMC page —
Okay. Thanks for sharing all this information about One Button Trader! And kudos to the One Button Trader team for building such a useful technology for crypto traders 👏👏👏

Thanks mate!

The chat will be opened now to take questions from our audience.

This is the one selected on Twitter:

Who are your target customers, professional traders or the ones that are just getting started?

Who can benefit the most from the tools that you are offering?

One Button Trader is for everyone. Our main goal is to simplify the investment process and get to the real “one button” experience.

To start you need to:
1. Connect a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (Binance/Kraken)
2. Choose one of our AI trading strategies
3. Choose a market pair (you can see a list of recommended market pairs)
4. Set a position size for AI to trade with (we currently use USDT, BUSD and EUR based markets)

You are done (of course then you can monitor the performance of the AI).

Question 1:
Token Burn or BuyBack program play an important role in increasing Token value Do you have a token burn or buyback program plan to attract investors?

Yes, we will implement a burn mechanism into the trading fees to slowly deflate the market cap.

We will also do discretionary token burns for achieving specific milestones (e.g. 10,000 users, 20,000 active bots, etc.).

Question 2:
Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration?

Sure. We love to build the product with our users. We actually do frequent user interviews, integrate various tools to measure consumer satisfaction, and of course, we discuss ideas daily with everyone on our Discord server (you should definitely check it out 😛)

We don’t think we know it all and we definitely don’t have it all figured out, so we build One Button Trader closely with everyone in our community.

Question 3:
Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

We like numbers. We like meaningful numbers and we don’t promise but just leave the results to talk. You can check our public statistics page and see for yourself ->

Question 4:
Where can I get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Our main resources:

Twitter (
Discord (

Don’t hesitate to join us :)

Thanks for the great AMA guys!

It was great to learn about OneButton! Thanks for joining us for the AMA! 🙂

Thank you Roman it was a pleasure to have you!



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