The IoTeX chain is live on Dexfolio!

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1 min readMar 25, 2022


Continuing to expand upon Dexfolio’s goal of being the one stop shop for all of your assets (as highlighted in Whitepaper 2.0), we’re excited to bring a whole new ecosystem into the Dexfolio app. That’s right, the IoTeX blockchain is live in theDexfolio app. What this means is that you can now track all of your IoTeX chain tokens alongside the rest of your portfolio right in the app.

This addition to the app is a step in fulfilling our pledge to add 20+ chains to make tracking crypto portfolios easier and more convenient! Users will be able to have all the tokens in their entire crypto portfolio tracked in one place: Dexfolio.

We look forward to continuing contributing to the growth and adoption of the ever expanding IoTeX ecosystem.

About IoTeX

IoTeX is an EVM-compatible “Layer 1” blockchain, which powers an ever-growing ecosystem of smart devices, dapps, and digital assets. The network is fueled by the IOTX token and has been running error-free since 2019, continuing to expand its reach on the crypto ecosystem.

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