Transparency Report: Giving Allocation of Team Tokens

We will be allocating Peter Lionn and Saurabh Upadhyay 5% of the team tokens each to reward their outstanding work in helping us build Dexfolio. There are currently 20 million DEXF tokens in the team wallet, so that means each will be getting 1 million tokens, a current value of around $7,000.

These tokens will be vested and distributed over the next year. The first distributions will be delivered next week at 83,333.33 DEXF each. Following that, they will each get 83,333.33 per month until the full allocation has been delivered.

Below are the wallet addresses that the tokens will be delivered to:

  • Peter Lionn — 0x83198a96914cdFbdBA7bDABec7f19a4625AE8203
  • Saurabh Upadhyay — 0x8AEb89766233F11dF162B46Afb09C77Bb316C8AB

Here’s a breakdown of their accomplishments at Dexfolio and why they deserve to receive the allocation of team tokens:

Peter Lionn

Peter started off by managing the Dexfolio Twitter account. Now his responsibilities have expanded to:

  • Interviewing and hiring marketing related talent
  • Managing communications with Dexfolio partners
  • Managing email and SMS marketing
  • Managing the Dexfolio blog

Saurabh Upadhyay

Saurabh started off reviewing the Dexfolio app for bugs. Now his responsibilities have expanded to:

  • Writing code for automatic testing
  • Researching industry wide APIs to level up Dexfolio’s data
  • Interviewing and reviewing app developers candidates
  • Researching APIs and other portfolio trackers
  • Writing code to generate generative NFT art for the ‘Grumpy Munky Club’

A multi-DEX tracker with an intelligent alert system. $DEXF, our native token runs on Binance Smart Chain and is used for governance and pro features.